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ninetysixeast Adventure Tours

ninetysixeast are pleased to advise that they have added to the tourist experience on the Cocos Islands, with adventure tours around West Island.

Tourists and our guests at ninetysixeast, will be able to experience jungle track tours, old deep dark coconut plantation trails and beach treks around West Island. With views to all corners of the lagoon, and picturesque sights to the outer reef and westwards, excite around every corner.

Mixed with some bitumen sealed roads, sandy jungle tracks, and beaches, a tour in the beach buggies is a unique and exciting experience. With regular stops for that ‘selfie’, or those spectacular memorable photos, a half day out in the buggy will add to that Instagram profile.

Using side-by-side seated 550 CFMotos, fully road registered and with great suspension. High upright seating for perfect long-sighted viewing, power steering and terrific power through an automatic gearbox, the pilot and co-pilot get to enjoy a rush of adrenalin in complete safety. Who said they need brakes?

Anyone from 9 years old to 90, will easily manage to drive or be a passenger. For safety reasons those over 90 will need to provide a letter from their mum. Otherwise a standard driver’s license is all you need to get underway.

After a quick initial safety briefing, tours range from about 3 to 4 hours and finish with a swim, snorkel and a “Bunnings” BBQ style sausage, onions, tomato sauce in a bun lunch afterwards, for that wind-down, de-brief, and catch yah breath.

Contacts : tel + (0)8 9162 6624 or house 15 William Keeling

West Island Cocos Keeling Islands WA 6799