The People Behind ninetysixeast

ninetysixeast is owned by Colin and Christine.
They purchased the house on the West Island in 2002 in one of those ‘sea change’ moments and instantly fell in love with Cocos. Since then they have holidayed and stayed on Cocos often, with the plan to semi-retire there sometime in the future. It wasn’t hard for them to get convinced, it was a wonderful lifestyle.

Over the years, friends, family and acquaintances asked to stay at the house and holiday on Cocos. This inspired them to open their home as a specialised bed & breakfast, offering others the opportunity to enjoy Cocos Island for a short time and experience the lifestyle they fell in love with.

They welcome visitors to ninetysixeast and enjoy showing others the natural beauty of Cocos Islands fauna, flora and scenery.  Their idea of ninetysixeast was to offer guests a base on the island to explore and enjoy a unique tropical environment in a home with an outlook of the Indian Ocean.