Making up part of the Australian Indian Ocean Territories, the Cocos Islands are located 2750 kilometres northwest of Perth, Western Australia.

Getting Here

Virgin Australia runs flights to Cocos Islands, departing from Perth International Airport, three times a week. You can visit the Virgin Australia website for more information or for Virgin Australia’s contact phone numbers visit our getting here page. We always suggest guests take out Flight Insurance.


The Cocos Island has a balmy tropical climate and is fairly consistent no matter the season. You can expect comfortable temperatures of around 30°C during the days, and minimum evening temperatures of around 24°C. In the case that there are any tropical storms passing through the Cocos Islands, you can find important information on our Warnings page.


Considered an off shore territory of Australia, the Cocos Islands has a welcoming community of Australian expats living there, so English is spoken across the long West Island. On Home Island you’ll find the traditional Cocos Malay community, who speak Cocos Malay and English.


The currency used throughout Cocos Islands is the Australian Dollar (AUD). You’ll find credit card & EFTPOS is accepted at many locations, but it’s also a good idea to bring some cash with you.

Time Zone

The Cocos Islands is one and a half hours behind Australian Western Standard time, which works out to be GMT +6.5 hours.