ninetysixeast is a perfect place to stay and relax while enjoying world class scenery, a tranquil holiday location in a spectacular environment

The Cocos Keeling Islands are an external territory of Australia. Very remote, closer to Indonesia than Australia. However with that remoteness comes difficulties. We have public liability insurance and guests are always included under this policy while on our premises.

We always suggest guests have their own private insurance cover and with an erratic airline system we especially suggest Travel Insurance.

Cyclones, earthquakes, storms and even the worse Tsunamis in recorded history have occurred while we have been on Cocos. However we are still here, and have never suffered any adverse effects. There is a first class well equipped hospital only a minute or two from the house, a volunteer fire service nearby, and a cyclone shelter in town. There are risks visiting remote islands and we warn guests you stay with us at your risk.