Fancy waking up to a perfectly white beach everyday?
Life on Cocos could be the answer for you!


ninetysixeast is a family owned and operated small business and generally run the operation ourselves with assistance from local Cocos people when needed. However from time to time we invite staff employment from off island people. Typically these people are adventurers and back-packers looking for short term employment. That employment is generally for a 3 month period, full accommodation. The employee must pay return airfares to and from the island.  A sense of fun, a police clearance certificate and fifteen university degrees and a wicked sense of humour a necessity.

Duties include household services including, sweeping, cooking and cleaning, washing, making beds, lawn mowing, serving guests, helping out in the boat with guests, driving here and there etc. Hours of service vary and limit the ability of the employee to gain another job on Cocos.

Being nice people, we at ninetysixeast run a staff incentive scheme for employees which involve a whip and a stick to motivate staff.

If you feel you might fit in at ninetysixeast please feel free to contact us for vacancies in the future